Facial Rejuvenating

50 or 80 minutes

To tone and restore facial vitality and radiance, guests can book periodic treatments of 50 minutes to rejuvenate the skin and reactivate its defenses. Longer, 80-minute treatments will combine cutting edge technology, manual techniques, and targeted cosmetic products into a relaxing tailor-made experience for your specific needs including blemishes, wrinkles, hypersensitivity or hypotonia.

Body Rejuvenating

50 minutes

•       Body sculpture focuses on toning and activating body parts that are more prone to fat build ups. The treatment stimulates the body to rapidly break down lipids –bringing the tissue back to a temperature between 37 and 38° C, increases the efficiency of the natural process that turns fat into energy. This will not only increase weight loss and have anti-aging effects, but also tone your vital muscles.

•       Cellulite treatment ensures immediate and long-lasting results through a double action: blood flow is re-activated and connective fibers made more elastic in order to drain fluids and tone the tissues. In addition, fat metabolism is boosted to reduce excess fat. In the most severe cases, involving fibrous and edematous cellulite, painful nodules are dissolved, and blood and lymphatic circulation stimulated to remove excess fluids. Results are immediately visible and long-lasting. This is also a real feel-good experience for your legs, which regain tone and a pleasant feeling of lightness.

•       The heavy legs treatment is a manual massage combined with special functional bandages, soaked in a solution rich in aromatherapy principles with revitalizing properties. This will relieve your legs from daily strain, heaviness and swelling. The combined version of the treatment uses the quick action of Cellutrim 954 and a draining massage to ensure long-lasting effects.

•       The tone and compactness treatment is the perfect solution for tissues that have lost their firmness or are saggy and less elastic due to aging. This treatment stimulates vital mechanisms, energy metabolism, microcirculation and boosts lymphatic drainage. At the end of the treatment, you’ll enjoy a feeling of all-around well-being and energy unlike you have ever experienced.

•       The reset body treatment is a real cure-all for the mind and body. The ancient knowledge of aromatherapy infuses high quality essential oils, and combines with special massage techniques. The treatment is a true ritual where each step has a specific purpose, each essence its own function, with the goal of involving all the body’s systems and bringing them back into balance. Once all physical and psychophysical tensions have been removed, you will quickly experience long lasting well-being.

•       The rebalancing vitality and anti-stress treatment is a journey of rebirth for the whole body, combining the millennia-old tradition of aromatherapy and massage with today’s cutting-edge technology. Deeply awakened, your body will start actively restoring balance in its own systems and tapping into its hidden energies. The treatment uses biocompatible energy to deeply stimulate energy and metabolic processes in a natural way. The body itself will restore and maintain its own vitality and harmony for a real feeling of well-being that lasts in time.

Combined Rejuvenating

80 minutes

The combined session builds on the body rejuvenating techniques to offer a deeper and more intense session of 80 minutes.