Once upon a time, we started writing the story of The Magic Collection Retreats: a contemporary hospitality concept where -art, oenology, and soul– converge. Woven together by a family and an eclectic circle of artists, we have breathed life into interior spaces, infusing them with artistry at every turn. We love art, and believe it is the beating heart of our existence.

Our inaugural chapter unfolded in the picturesque village of Megève, a popular Alpine resort beloved by artists. It was one of Jean Cocteau’s favourite places, and remains the source of inspiration for many creative people who visit. Embodying the intention to preserve the artistic spirit, Francesco Vezzoli, while wandering in the chalet, decided to dedicate one of the rooms, the Saint Cocteau suite, to the beloved soul.             

Continuing our odyssey, we ventured to the sun-kissed shores of Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany, overlooking the expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. This idyllic place, which served Michelangelo, and many other artists as a key transportation link for marble, became the canvas for our next masterpiece.              

With the help of artist Luis Lázaro Matos, and many others, we recovered a traditional Ibizan finca in Es Cubells, one of Ibiza’s most beautiful and nature-inspired locations, a few kilometers away from Es Vedra, the well-known ‘energy island’.  Here, amidst the rugged beauty and mystical allure of Es Vedra, Magic Ibiza emerged as a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature and artistry.

And so, the tale continues in Milano. Stay tuned for the unfolding wonders of Magic Milano, where every moment promises to be a chapter in the story of enchantment and discovery, in the heart of the historical city center. Let the journey of -art, oenology, and soul- continue to weave its spellbinding tapestry!