25, 50, 80 minutes

This classical, swedish massage aims to make the individual achieve a state of both physical and mental well-being. It involves the use of massage oils and the performance of various manipulations practiced with different intensities that generally involve the whole body.

Sports massage

50 minutes

This massage is performed on specific body regions in order to improve athletic performance. Its many benefits derive from two particular assumptions: 

    • direct action given by increased blood flow resulting in local hyperthermia

    • indirect action given by the simultaneous excitation of nerve endings and consequent stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system

From these two elements come all the beneficial properties attributed to the sports massage, which include: reduction of muscle tension, decreased plasma levels of cortisol and serotonin resulting in reduced anxiety and improved mood; to that decrease.

Full massage

5 x 50 minutes

Enjoy a package of 5 50 minute massage sessions, where you can choose which areas to focus on.