Monocle visits Magic Forte

We are excited to announce that Magic Forte is featuring in the latest edition of Monocle (No163), design top 50.

The article in the magazine will include an exclusive interview with our project’s founder and creative leader, Mia Rigo Saitta, where she will discuss our spectacular location, Magic Forte. We believe that this interview will give readers a glimpse into the inspiration behind our project, as well as the thought process and hard work that went into bringing it to life.

Mia Rigo Saitta’s personal touch and unique design style have been integral to the development of Magic Forte. Her creativity and vision have helped to shape the look and feel of the project, and we are excited to share her insights and inspiration with the readers of Monocle.

We believe that our innovative approach to leisure and art is what truly distinguishes Magic Forte. We have built a homely space where guests may immerse themselves in a range of experiences, including a private art collection and an authentic Italian cuisine. We invite you to join us to discover more about our hospitality philosophy. 

The issue is available for purchase on the Monocle Magazine online as well as at press shops throughout Europe. We hope that this article provides readers with a better grasp of what makes Magic Forte such a wonderful project.